Due to several factors it comes
to empty shelves everywhere.
- factory closures, or lower performance of producers
due to Covid cases in the workforce
- double container transit times from USA and Asia
- port closures in Asia because of Corona
- shortage of raw materials for clay and glaze components
- shortage of cardboard packaging
- worldwide truck driver shortages
If we know or can even roughly estimate a delivery date, you can
see it in EasyOrder. If we do not (yet) have any information when
the corresponding item will be available again, we unfortunately
cannot give you any information about it.
All industries worldwide are affected by these stagnant flows
of goods. We hope and are confident that the situation will ease
again significantly within the first half of 2022, as far as one can
estimate based on the current pandemic situation.
Unfortunately, we have not been spared from this either
and it affects all our product groups. We put all our energy
into making products available as fast and soon as possible.